Heart Failure Clinic –
Cardiovascular Consultants of Kansas

Aziz R. Maksoud, M.D.
Aziz R. Maksoud, M.D.Cardiovascular Diseases


Our heart failure clinic involves a team led by cardiologist Dr. Aziz Maksoud to provide our patients with the best heart failure management and treatment available. We tailor our treatment based on each patient’s underlying cause of heart failure, contributing factors, and his or her personal preferences. Our focus is not only treating the condition, but improving the lives of our patients.

Comprehensive Heart Failure Treatment

Our comprehensive treatment approach includes the following:

  • Performing a complete evaluation to identify the underlying and contributing causes of each patients’ heart failure with a thorough history and physical exam, as well as advanced diagnostic studies when needed.
  • Providing optimal, evidence-based, medical therapy based on the current guidelines and most recent studies.
  • Performing both standard and cutting-edge heart failure treatments by our team of specialized cardiologists including:
    • Revascularize blocked arteries using either stents or bypass surgery
    • Ablation (minimally invasive cauterization of the abnormal areas) of arrhythmias
    • Internal defibrillation (ICD) placement for patients at risk for sudden cardiac death
    • Resynchronization therapy by using pacing leads to increase heart function in patients who will benefit
    • Valve treatment with either surgery or using the most advanced, minimally invasive valve treatments available including TAVR (transcutaneous aortic valve replacement), Mitral Clip, and TMVR (transcutaneous mitral valve replacement), which are performed by the regions only structural cardiologist, Dr. Bassam Chehab
  • Providing the option to participate in clinical research trials for upcoming heart failure management therapies
  • Referral to advanced heart failure centers in Kansas City and Oklahoma City for evaluation of heart transplants and heart pumps in patients who don’t respond to more conventional treatments.

Total Patient Approach

Aside from the above medical treatments, we use a “total patient approach” to provide the best care with patient-centered, multi-disciplinary treatment including:

  • Home heart failure management – education and resources for patients and families regarding the following:
    1. What signs & symptoms to watch out for
    2. Checking daily weights
    3. Monitoring fluid intake
    4. Strategies to increase medication use
  • Lifestyle changes – education, resources, and in some cases referrals important lifestyle changes that can improve heart failure, aid in management of other medical condition, help patients live longer, and improve overall quality of life
    1. weight reduction
    2. improved nutrition
    3. exercise
    4. quitting smoking
    5. reducing alcohol
  • Early post-hospitalization follow-up – to ensure patients’ success after leaving the hospital
  • Close patient care – urgent appointments and close follow-up visits to help avoid frequent hospitalizations
  • Cardiac rehab program – information and referrals to local programs